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Kay and Mary Ann Sagarbarria
Kay and Mary Ann Sagarbarria
House of Silvanas was born out of Mary Ann Sagarbarria's love of baking. When Mary Ann tied the knot with Cholong Sagarbarria in 1971 her mother-in-law Trinidad Teves-Sagarbarria, who owned Sans Rival, a popular bakeshop in the province of Dumaguete City, shared with her several pastry recipes. She learned, among others, how to make sans rival.

When Mary Ann moved to Manila with her family in 1978, her delicious sans rival became an instant favorite within their circle of friends. Before long, she found herself making sans rival for the parties of her friends and acquaintances and, later on, even strangers.

While orders for sans rival came pouring in, her interest in baking grew even more. She experimented with original recipes, created a number of her own and modified some of them. After some changes in the recipe of her mother-in-law, Mary Ann started offering silvanas (a pastry similar to sans rival, except that it's in cookie form) to her clients. As with sans rival, the silvanas became a big hit.

Through word of mouth, the business continued to grow even as it remained home based until 1995, when it opened its first outlet in Metro Manila. "The decision to establish the first House of Silvanas came after we received a lot of complaints from the San Lorenzo Village Association about the traffic caused by our home-based business, especially during the holidays," Mary Ann, owner of House of Silvanas, recalled.

The opening of the first House of Silvanas triggered a chain reaction that led to the expansion of the business to several shopping malls throughout Metro Manila. And to satisfy the cravings of Filipinos in Southern California, House of Silvanas opened its first branch in Torrance and second branch in Carson, where they offer seven flavors of silvanas; ensaimada; sans rival; brownies; honey, nelusko, ube and chocolate cakes; lemon squares; food for the gods; mango bars; polvoron; yemas; black bottoms; and a whole lot more.

In early 2006, Mary Ann's son and daughter-in-law opened their own branch in Daly City, the first Northern California branch.